Some Thoughts

Just some thoughts. Nobody every said I had to lecture and preach all the time.

  • I like you. If you’re reading this and are human, chances are I like you a lot. I only want you to do well.
  • I don’t know much, but I know more than I did yesterday. I like May 11th Matt more than May 10th Matt.
  • I’m well aware that I can be sarcastic too much, not funny, too uptight, or act like I know everything. I accept these flaws in myself, and seek to improve them every day. Just remember, I put up with your many flaws too.
  • I think cool people are cool. As in cold. As in jerks.
  • If you are an artist of any kind [actor, musician, writer, painter, game designer, etc…], your desire to be rich and famous should never outweigh your desire to create quality works. Why? Because creating crap makes you feel like crap, no matter how much money you make.
  • I like my life to have patterns. It makes me feel like less of a hypocrite. 
  • The key to being awesome is to realize that you already are awesome. No need to act like anybody but you. 



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