Live a Little!?

I am not an uptight person in any sense of the word. Granted, I may have some social inhibitions preventing me from taking my shirt off and dancing the Macarena in the middle of a crowded restaurant. But I don’t call that uptight as much I call that just stupid.

To say that I’m incapable of having fun or to say that I’m uptight, because I have mental barriers preventing me from acting reckless, is a fallacy. I simply do not get a thrill from clubbing or singing badly or leaping into the water off of really tall rocks. Instead I get a thrill from writing, randomly calling bottled water companies and asking about their business name, and beating the most frustrating level of Super Mario Galaxy ever.

There are those that scoff at me for that, and I often wonder why. Aren’t uptight people those that look down the barrel of their really long noses and openly disapprove of the fun things that others do? Aren’t they the ones that will endlessly rant about how reckless and disgusting and unproductive your definition of fun is?

There are those who tell me to “live a little,” because I won’t do something contrary to my personality (or maybe even my beliefs). What you don’t understand is that my idea of fun may be a little different than yours. To me, kicking someone’s butt at poker or chess or trivia is my version of living a little. It’s not that I’m uptight, it’s just who I am.

This leads me to a possibility. If it is indeed the scoffers of fun that are uptight; the ones you can’t stand being in the same room with because they are so disapproving, then maybe you need to do a self-check. If you say I’m uptight because I don’t like to dance or party all that much, maybe you’re the uptight one. Not me. Think about that.


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