Do Aliens Exist?

Well here’s a question that has been part of the lore of humanity seemingly since time began, but especially since advancements of technology and space travel. Does intelligent life exist on any other planet in this vast universe.

Now, let me clarify. I’m not talking about any form of life. There is more than enough evidence that archaic bacteria, technically alive, can survive in the harshness of space. I’m referring to intelligent life, more so with a will and a consciousness and a soul. And yes, I know that the idea of a soul existing can be debated, but that’s another blog. I will try and steer clear of that word again. Self-awareness, beyond that of even dogs and monkeys.

Again, I’m inevitably going to look at this from a Christian point of view, because I am a Christian. I know that many of you think that all animals are no less self-aware that people, and I can appreciate that point of view. Just like, and I’m sorry if this sounds cruel, many of you believe that unborn babies are not self-aware. Yeah, that’s another blog too.

Are there aliens, in the meaning of intelligent life with comparable (or perhaps even more advanced) levels of intelligence to humans? I don’t know. I really don’t. The Bible doesn’t whisper a peep when it comes to aliens. There are no references; no hints; no speculations. The Bible is very geocentric.

My hunch. That is, if I had to take a guess without any more facts than I have right now is that… no. No, we are the only intelligent life forms as we know it in the universe. But you’ve got to understand that’s like a 51/49 percent split.

The reason I think it’s more likely they don’t exist comes down to Jesus. He died for humanity. Sin is likely prevalent in the entire universe. That means that they would need a savior as well, requiring Jesus to die again.

But that train of thought puts God in a very very small box, and I know anything about God, it’s that he transcends even the laws of space and time.

If we found out tomorrow that extraterrestrial life existed, my faith would not be shaken at all. I would actually think that it would be pretty cool. I know that many Christians would sincerely question their beliefs if aliens existed, but I think that may be from simple conceit or a weak faith.


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