Gun Control

What’s new in the world of hotly debated issues? Oh yeah… gun control rights. The single object that has sparked a verbal civil war in this country. I don’t have to tell you that this issue is controversial, to say the least. I am a firm believer in conservative values, but I can’t help feeling that I am far more open minded and rational than many of my Alabama-dwelling conservative counterparts. Since most of my readers match my “the smaller the better” ideas of government, I’m directly speaking to you.

You are correct… the right to bear arms is a fundamental right of an American citizen. If the federal government really took that away, I would do one or more of the following things: cry, throw a tantrum, say my first cuss word, move away, or learn karate. You are correct also that guns assist in protecting us from each other and the government. I don’t dispute that.

But guys…
Don’t you think we’re overreacting a bit.

Obama has never said “I’m gonna take all your guns.” He may very well want to, but the incredibly well designed American government can stop that in a heartbeat.

We have this preconceived notion that Obama is going to personally come to our house, grab all of our guns and ammo, and deposit them somewhere in the depths of the Pacific. I understand and share that fear, I really do.

But at the same time, I’m personally okay with stricter gun laws. I’m okay with a random person, whom I don’t necessarily trust with my life, being able to purchase a high powered weapon. I’m okay with the government embracing tighter registration laws, as well as operational training for those who do own the weapons.

Will it solve the problem, and prevent things like the Sandy Hook shooting? No. Criminals will still be able to obtain weapons illegally, and nothing short of taking away all civil liberties will prevent all of those incidents.

My point is this. Let the government crack down on gun ownership until the point where they truly do cross the line, and that’s much much further away than we like to think. There my be a point where they truly encroach on our second amendment rights, but it’s not right now.

Chill out, and simply vote the people who challenge our rights out. Those people are sitting in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, as well as the Oval Office. We have the ability to start a revolution without using those guns we so fortunately have.


2 thoughts on “Gun Control

  1. Unfortunately, the government has crossed that line along with many others in recent years, and not just this administration. Separate items by themselves have been happening that aren’t that alarming but when viewed together as to what power the government has given itself, it is quite distressing.

    Since 9/11, America has changed. For better or worse, it is not the same and I doubt will ever be. In reaction to the attacks, the passing of the Patriot Act gave the government open access to put any citizen under surveillance that was considered a threat or working with those to threaten national security. Thus nullifying the 4th Amendment.

    The definition of what was to be considered a threat has changed over time and recently has been described by West Point as groups of Christian Fundamentalists/Anti-Federalists. As the definition begins to change to fit the mood the whatever administration is in power further actions continue.

    The NDAA was passed the allows for the indefinite detention without cause of US citizens if they also fall under the definition of foreign or domestic terrorism. With a changing definition of what that is, could cause an atmosphere of paranoia for a population. Further nullifying the 4th Amendment as well as 5th through 8th Amendments.

    Finally, we have the current barrage on the 2nd Amendment due to sensationalized horrible events in our country. If the 2nd is weakened or taken down altogether then there will be no recourse for a people to keep its government in check as the founders intended. It wasn’t based on target practice, hunting or self preservation. It was placed there to allow the population to be on EQUAL footing of the government and to not have the atrocities that occurred under British rule to ever happen again. If it does fall, then the citizenship is bared to a corrupt and powerful government that has no concept of self regulation.

    When all these separate items are brought together, whether intentional or not, you see a pattern of a nation that is creating an environment of governmental control of every aspect of its citizen’s lives. That is not a nation of a free republic, that is a nation under dictatorship. Like the story of the lobster in the pot. As the heat rose, because it was so gradual, the lobster realized before it was too late.


    • I’m not saying there’s not some kind of reasonable desperation in what your saying. I just want everyone to know that they still have control over the government. The amount of power they have is the amount we give them.

      Also, congrats on the 393 word comment. That’s just shy of the blog itself. 🙂


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