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The Empire Strikes Back funny pics

There exists a kingdom. Happy to exist, the kingdom goes about it’s merry business, unimpeded by any force. It grows and produces; it’s residents thankful for the stability it provides. One day, it finds another kingdom. There they decide to trade with one another. Both kingdoms, allies. Both kingdoms, supporting and defending one another from attack. Attack brought on by other empires. The allies seek new allies, and soon a family of kingdoms dot the countryside. And the cycle continues all over the world. Each one has their own motivations. Some desire power; some fame. Some want to be loved, some want to be rich.

Every one of these kingdoms has a name. Cody. Julia. Barry. Matt.

We are the kingdoms. We are born as kingdoms and will forever be kingdoms. It’s our nature to achieve individuality. Our motivations are our own. Every system on Earth requires us to be that individual. Your job resume? You’re putting your kingdom on display for prospective employers to see. Your Facebook account? That’s your kingdom, available for everyone to peruse. From brands to bands to girlfriends, we seek the balance between our nature for individuality and our nature for collectivism.

But history has shown us that some kingdoms desire more than simple existence. Some want power over others. Some will do whatever it takes to overpower other people, their enemies. Some people seek to be an empire.

They seek to crush their foes, overpowering them with their size or their words. Overtaking others, the force of evil grows and expands until it is undefeatable by conventional means. Sometimes these empires of people find their way into places of power, where they have control over others. This entails true destruction, people under the grip of a power-hungry person being directly influenced.

Sometimes we all want fame, power, money, or really anything so much that we’ll try to overpower others to get it. The same feeling comes with winning. Weather it’s poker or baseball, we get a thrill from besting another person to achieve a goal. There’s nothing wrong with games or competition, and there is nothing wrong with fame, power, or money. But don’t live for the empire inside of you.

I write for two reasons. I write for God and for the love of writing. I would love to be a famous writer with plenty of money to spare one day, but I will not trample others in order to achieve those goals. If money/power/fame is your main motivation for doing ANYTHING, you’ve got the motives that will quickly turn you into an empire.


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