Disappointing Things Your Girlfriend Can Say — “You Look Cute”

[This is a blog series for guys who are in a relationship or married. Don’t worry, there won’t be anything “mature”, just ironically disappointing things that a girl can say without realizing it. It’s just for fun…]

There you are with chatting with your girlfriend (or wife) about random things like music, life, or the current status of American politics, when you mention something about how you’re trying to improve your body. You’re trying to eat right, do a little exercise, maybe drop a few pounds. Then your girlfriend responds with the unthinkable.

“Well I think you look cute.”


She just said that, didn’t she. Sure, it may seem like a compliment at first, but it’s almost preferable to be called fat or ugly. If your girlfriend says this, it means she’s seen one too many movies where Taylor Lautner takes his shirt off.

She might as well be saying “You better hit the gym, because I won’t settle for anything less than you looking like you substituted your abdominal muscles for a turtle shell. I may love you for your brain or your personality, but your body is NOT one of he reasons I’m with you.” 

As the last syllable of “cute” reverberates through your brain, you can merely choke down the lump in your throat long enough to cough up an insincere “Thank you.”

Or…. you know. Maybe she just thinks your cute. But probably not. Unless you really do look like Channing Tatum.




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