The Broken Ones

To quote Britney Spears
“There’s only two types of people in the world.”
To not quote Britney Spears, those two types of people are as follows.
The ones that seem broken, and the ones that are broken.

So… if my math is correct, that means we’re all broken. The sooner we realize or admit that, the better.

There are those that like to think they’ve got it all together. They think they’re a marvel of emotional, physical, or spiritual mastery. In high school, there were those who constantly spent their life away trying to impress everyone. Look at me, they’ll say, I’ve got all of these friends. My body is perfect. I’m into the latest trends. I love Jesus more that you. My life is perfect, and yours is not. I am better than you.

Life goes on, and so do these people. They spit in everyone’s face; the world’s greatest actors in the world Shakespeare calls a stage. Learning the script, they’ll rattle off their lines that drown others in a sea of social power. The director calls cut to this scene, and the next phase of actors enter the scene doing the same thing, performing for the audience and getting there paycheck of social power. A paycheck they receive because they do a fine job of acting NOT BROKEN!

But broken they are, because somewhere buried beneath their sugary facades exists a person. And people are inherently broken. The grand tragedy happened at the beginning of the first act of the history of man. We are human. We sin. And any social masks we wear in an attempt to seem perfect is just a game we play with one another. God only sees the broken souls we hide, unrecognizable.

I love those who are not in denial about their own flaws. I love those who admit to one another they are imperfect, and embrace one another all the more for it. It is the broken ones who will be someone in the world. It is the broken ones who seek more than superficial trash wrapped in pretty paper with a ribbon attached. The broken ones will seek that which is holy, that which is admirable, that which is excellent.

We are all broken. Move past denying it and work for something greater than yourself.




2 thoughts on “The Broken Ones

  1. Well put. I just posted a Note on FB today exposing my flaws and broken pieces. Life is too short to pretend. Pretending was fun and exciting as a child but after the game, we always end up to being what we were in the first place. Time to be real and open. Thank you for your thought today. It really spoke to me.


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