Is Picking a Penny up off the Ground Worth It?

So you’re in a parking lot, and there you see a round gleaming copper penny. If you’re like me, at that very moment the battle in your mind rages. Do I pick up the penny? Is it worth it? Am I ever going to use the penny? Is it good for the environment? How many calories will I burn picking up the penny? Should I pick up the penny, or leave it for someone else? I wonder what year the penny was made in. Arrrgh….

Essentially the question of whether or not you should pick it up comes down to personal tastes. I personally leave pennies alone. I certainly notice it. I often think “Hey! It’s a penny.” But I’m often of the “pennies are useless” camp. I almost never will pick one up.

But consider. Theoretically picking up a penny burns about half a calorie. That’s significant; pick up 200 hundred pennies and burn 100 calories. That’s enough to rid you of those three Reese’s minis you ate. Yes, you know who you are. But on that token, there are more efficient and better exercises than straining your back, stooping over to pick up the almost economically useless penny.

Not to mention the germophobe in me often considers how many bacteria have been on that thing. I mean, it’s on the pavement and people have probably walked all over it.

I will, however, start to notice when silver get’s involved. My personal threshold of picking money up off the ground begins at the nickle. I can use nickles for vending machines or parking meters, as well as to give exact change. Just the other day I was paying for something. The total was $10.05. I had 10 dollars in my wallet and… 1 nickle I had picked up off the floor earlier that day.

I want to know about YOU. When do you start picking up change off of the ground? Do you pick up pennies? Answer down in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Is Picking a Penny up off the Ground Worth It?

  1. I always pickup pennies IF its on heads. if its on tails i leave it alone. But I pickit up add it to the collection in my wallet and at the the end of my two week pay period i then use the change i have aquired (picking upoff the ground found in my car, used when breaking a dollar, the “tips” people leave me) to buy my last 10 dollars worth of gas, packof smokes and maybe a soda if im lucky. truth is it just accululates. and if your worried about germs thinkof whats on the door knobs you touch at school, or the keyboards in rthe computer lab. thats whyi carry germX hope you enjoyed my mini blog on your blog! lol


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