Christians Suck

If you just scoffed at the title, you may be about to prove my points. Be careful.

I want you to listen to this amazing song before or while you read this blog post. It will help keep you grounded. The best way to tell you what we’re doing wrong is to exemplify what is right. “They Will Know We are Christians By Our Love” does that.

Are you ready? I will be covering a lot of ground with this post and will mince no words. There are reasons why I’ve never used the word “suck” on this blog before. Mostly it’s because I’ve been saving it for this. Listen. Don’t tune me out. 

Why have we developed such a dispassion for the world and for pain? How is it even possible that almost an entire society of people that have the antidote for life, sin, and eternity can be so afflicted with their own disease? 

We have mastered the art of human organization. We’ve hammered out a religion large and comfortable enough to provide a home for millions of people to live in. Yet, somehow, we’ve buried God somewhere beneath the foundation of the church. You see, this is OUR affliction. We’ll do what we want, and only pull God out whenever we don’t know what to do from the mountain of emotions weighing us down. You can’t really bury God, but we try oh so very hard. Is it any wonder God almost never answers us like we want to.

When we DO have problems, we talk to one another at church. At church, we can cough up all kinds of cliches. We say we’ll pray for one another, yet we simply do not. We say “turn to God.” That simply means it’s not your problem anymore, right?

Is there any substance anymore? Why do we have a cliche for everything? Even our worship music is cliche. On Sundays I wake up, go to church, listen to the EXACT SAME MESSAGE every week, and go out into the world.

Out in the world, we make the world nauseous. We’re rude, stuck-up, weak, overbearing creatures just trying to defend the shell of what we’ve created. I am a Christian, and Christians make me sick. Imagine what that feels like to a lost world. We are to be the food to feed an insatiable hunger a world without Jesus desires. We are just not. We fail, miserably.

Jesus Christ didn’t die for nothing; this I know with all of my heart. Why do we act like he did? Sometimes I feel I must live on the fringes of Christianity because my strongly held beliefs based totally and sincerely on the Bible are not appreciated in the church. 

We like to act like Christianity is no place for doubts or for pain. Sin has no place in the church. We are inhuman. 

Listen. I seek God everyday. He is every reason I live, and Jesus has so graciously saved me. But somehow, I sin. I have doubts on God’s power and salvation. I have intense emotion pain. We all do! That’s part of being human. We need to stop telling people to “Let go and let God” and instead say that we’ll get through this together WITH God.

But I can’t take this religious mess Satan has humbly helped us create right now. I can only try to be different. I’ll continue to try to be a light to a lost world, even if I must do it all by myself.

The religion of Christianity sucks.
Christians suck.

Not all of them, but most of them.
Be the exception.



9 thoughts on “Christians Suck

  1. I agree with you for the most part. You’ve said what you don’t like. So, in a nutshell, what is it that you would like to see? What’s your vision for the Church as it should be? What should we be doing that would fulfill our purpose? I’m guessing that I’m a good bit older than you, so I’m curious to know your perspective. Especially considering the current statistics for people your age either coming into the faith, or staying in the faith once they reach college/young adulthood.


    • Those are some excellent questions. It’s these kind of questions I pondered the most while writing this blog post. On that note, I’m writing a follow-up blog to this one, expressing how Christians change some of the things we’re doing wrong. I will Facebook you the link when I’m done.
      I don’t know you, but I’m amazed that you asked these questions in such a logical manner, without feeling the need to argue or force your point of view. Kudos.


  2. Hey, Matt! Nice work here and bless you for having the courage to post it! This is exactly the way i feel about Christianity! Me and some close frinds have been having a bible study for a while now and this is actually why we started the bible study. I must admit that i do not go to church as often as i should, but its so hard to go when all you get is the same old sea of faces, smiles on everyone, im good, how are you, ECT. I feel we’ve lost God in all of the small talk. I dont feel God in the messages any more. I look around and in my community we don’t do enough, i mean we are called to “GO” and serve, but we most of the time only “Go” to church… or if we do help elsewhere it is on our time, and beneficial to us in some way. I was hit very hard by a pastor who beleives this as well, his name is David Platt, he has a book i would HIGHLY recommend you read if you havent already, its called “Radical” and a follow up called “Radical Together” , both are great books and talk about this subject. I attended one of David Platt’s ‘Secret Church” meeting last year for a six hour serman and bible study! It was so amazing! He was at a church being recorded and was broadcast world wide for huge bible study! While most of the listeners were American, there were some Britts and African listeners as well as a church in Thessolinica! is that cool or what! You could feel God, and the worship was real! Why cant our chuches be more like that? … or can they?


    • I appreciate you sharing all of that, Will!
      You ask if Christianity can change? I don’t really know. I wonder if it’s because of America. In America, our beliefs are not oppressed. It’s kind of like being in a relationship with someone that you love dearly, but seeing him/her every minute of every day for the next week. You still love him/her, but the excitement is gone. There has to be some deprivation (School, work, business trips) in order to fully realize just how much you want to be with that person.

      I feel the same is true with Christianity. We are oversaturated with church, and the freedom to express our beliefs. This is great, but it allows Satan to get in there and really affect Christianity using our own humanity, because we don’t miss other Christians.

      I will talk more about this on the follow-up blog, hopefully out tomorrow.


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