On Black Friday and Cultural Bickering

It sure seems like this year we have had so many different cultural arguments  it’s not even funny. As our social norms shift more and more towards internet connectivity and social networking, I think we just get a kick out of long distance bickering.

Take today. It’s the day after Thanksgiving, which has given rise to another cultural holiday known as Black Friday. This blog is not my opinion of Black Friday, but rather my opinion of people sharing their opinion of Black Friday.

You’ve got the people who are staunchly in the “preserve the sanctity of Thanksgiving” camp. Thanksgiving is a day where we’re thankful for what we have. How dare we go the day after and satisfy our own American greed?

Then you’ve got the ones who flaunt EVERYTHING they have gotten at tremendously cheap prices. They mention how long they’ve waited for that precious TV or that laptop. And they give up to the minute reports on lines at the local Wal-Mat. 

And these two groups clash. It’s really quite amusing to watch. It seems we all need something to clash about

…Just like in 2012…

– The election
– Alabama Amendment 1
– Global Warming
– The stupid Chick-Fil-A thing
– Alabama and Auburn Football

We love to argue, and try to prove our own points. Little do we realize that it never really accomplishes anything. Let’s try to not so much debate over disembodied internet text, and try to make a difference in the world.




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