Suicide and Eternity

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In the wake of what has happened with John, this might be a bit of a difficult read. I understand that, and if you aren’t ready to contemplate that question of “Does suicide send you to Hell?” I completely understand. I am not insensitive, but I write about what I feel based on events in my life. Here’s a much more light-hearted article to escape to, and here’s my comforting article about how to live our lives in the wake of a suicide. For the rest of us, it might be good to jump into a topic that has been on all of our minds.

Does suicide automatically send you to Hell? Short answer. No. The Bible says nothing about murdering one’s self being any different that any other sin in the eternal scheme of things. The ONLY unforgivable sin is unbelief in Jesus Christ. Tuning away the Holy Spirit as it calls you to God. [Matt. 12:31-32] The sin IS not being a child of God, therefore rejecting Jesus Christ. That is mentioned all over the Bible, and is central to Christian theology.

I feel like the propagation of this myth is simply that of a scare tactic. We don’t want the people closest to us to do this unthinkable act of suicide, so we tell them that they are going to Hell for it. Truth is, it works pretty well. The only problem is, it’s a lie. There is NO SCRIPTURE WHATSOEVER on the idea that suicide is unforgivable.

But I feel there is a far far more important question that must be addressed, and it is strikingly similar.

Would a true born-again Christian ever commit suicide in the first place?

This is a question I simply cannot give you a straight answer about. When one comes to know the Lord, he or she is given a joy that goes beyond any earthly happiness. It goes beyond money or marriage or children. A relationship with Christ gives you hope despite all of the disheartening circumstances the world can throw at you. Can that heavenly joy really be buried under all of the misery of the world to the point where one feels no choice but to take his or her own life? I hope so. For John’s sake. For the sake of everyone who has lost a Christian loved one to suicide.

You must decide that question for yourself. My decision?
John is in Heaven right now.


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