Sexual Purity, Modesty, And Other Not At All Confusing Topics

I think it’s time to break open the topic that is “sexual purity” among Christians. I think Christian culture has done a fine job of causing all kinds of confusion.

What is modesty? Is there a set line of what to wear and what not to wear? Is it what the world defines as “not looking like a whore?” Is it a person’s own boundaries of what feels right?

What we have in one corner is a world openly accepting sex and showing off one’s bodies, now more than ever. In the other corner we have uptight religious people who forbid talking or even thinking about sex. In the middle we have Christians being pulled apart and not knowing what to think.

In reality, I don’t have a set-in-stone answer about what we need to do. Satan has convoluted the topic of purity in our world so much. I mean, what’s pure for one Christian is “skanky” for the Christian across the hall.

Yes, I as a guy am very much attracted to girls in bikinis. But you know what else. I’m also attracted to tank tops, shorts, low cut shirts, and tight fitting dresses. That’s called being attracted to the female body, and that attraction is what makes lust such an easy trap to fall into. It is ultimately MY responsibly to resist the temptation of lust for the sake of my relationship with God and my relationship with my future wife. That is what it comes down to.

I think we seem to be forgetting that men, despite all of the cultural and religious standards in relation to how women dress, are responsible for their own purity. And women are responsible for their own purity as well (I’m looking at you Magic Mike and 50 Shades). We say women have an obligation to keep men pure by how they dress? I don’t find that in the Bible. It’s obvious, however, that Christians have an obligation to keep themselves pure.

The sin of lust itself is causing this kind of confusion and division in this day in age. Frankly, Satan is doing a masterful job at making people not know what to think. Women, I’m not giving you a free pass to dress however you please. I do ask you to let what you wear come down to these questions.

1. How much of your body do you want to put on display to the world?
2. Is God okay with that? 

Purity is a matter of the heart. 

We can do this…


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