The Current Status of American Politics

I hate doing articles on politics. I’d rather be my sarcastic and witty self. But I am a writer, and also it seems, one of the few bearers of common sense for my age group. 


Yesterday when I watched the debate I did not see two men of integrity, steadfastly proving to the nation their leadership and courage in the face of difficult times across the world. No. I saw two twelve-year-olds having a playground fight about things they know nothing about.

The two people vying for what could go down as one of the most important men in history based on the economic and national buildup we’ve seen over the past 10 years… well they don’t have a clue.

They want the power of presidency so bad you could see it in their eyes as each of them searched the far reaches of their brain for some set of miraculous words that could win the heart of America once and for all. But right now we are too far-gone. They don’t know how to fix what we’ve broken. This the ultimate “hey, let’s try this and see if it works” philosophy. What we need right now is either a miracle or a hero. God brings miracles, and He may very well get us out of this mess, but let’s say he doesn’t.

Neither of these men are heroes. Neither of them have the guts to say: 
“Hey! I don’t have the knowledge or the power to know exactly how to fix this country. But I will look past my own pride and my own love of money and power and I will do whatever it takes to fix this mess we’re in.”

Last night. Last night was a dodge ball match. Let’s see who has the faster reflexes. Let’s see who can worm and inch there way out of these very pertinent questions. The one left standing? Well, let’s go ahead and make him this countries leader for the next 4 years.

I am voting for one of those two men because I have but one vote, I can’t run because I’m only 20, and my gut tells me one of them won’t screw up the country as much as the other. But that’s the thing. Why do I have to rely on a gut instinct instead of looking at a problem and finding the best person for the job. Why have we made politics so complicated and contorted that I cannot understand it and must have someone act as if they know what their doing to get my vote. It wasn’t always like this. I KNOW it wasn’t always like this.

I want my future family to live in the America I have cherished the first 20 years of my life. For the first time in my life, I am having serious doubts that that goal will come to pass.


2 thoughts on “The Current Status of American Politics

  1. From Kacy Campbell via Facebook

    I agree completely. I don’t really like either one very much. I don’t like having to choose between the lesser of the two evils. Unfortunately, it’s come to that. Though if I had the chance to vote this year, I would pick Romney. I mean, we’ve seen what Obama can do. Which has done hardly anything decent for our economy. I guess now it’s just come to: “Hey, he’s tried, let’s see what the other guy can do. I mean it can’t get much worse.” Unless of course it comes to us surrendering ourselves to another country. Hopefully though if it ever gets THAT bad, the PEOPLE of the United States will actually stand up and defend the country they live in. Hopefully they will stand UP for our rights if someone tries to throw us to the dogs. There’s very few people in this country who would do that for their country anymore, which is sad to say. That’s just another everyday person’s opinion though lol. As far as your blog post on the politics, it’s definitely true and I loved it. You have some awesome blog posts!


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