[Days Go By] 2/4/10 – Friendships

[ The following is a column I wrote for The Eclectic Observer. I will try to periodically introduce my back-catalog of columns as this blog continues. Nostalgia, you know. ] 

I’m not an avid television fan. Granted, you may catch me watching normal TV every now and again, but for the most part game shows, cooking shows, the news, and a few select series of the science fiction genre round out my television entertainment arsenal. Am I the best teenager to ask about the last hit NBC series? No, but I do know how a good TV show is set up.

1.   The Introduction- The first episode that introduces the characters and their relationships with one another. It also introduces stories and plot lines to affect those relationships.

2.   Character Development- Shows scenarios and how they build up or break down established relationships.

3.   Conclusion- Characters end friendships and/or go separate ways.

Friendships are incredibly valuable things in this life, but the unfortunate fact is that many friendships with young people seem to follow this pattern, much like a TV show. Sure, sometimes it takes about a week (take a quick boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, for instance). Sometimes it takes a lot longer (childhood friends, for example).

For me, the expression “once you get out into the world, you’ll rarely see most of the people you know now” is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because nobody will remember some of the stupid or immature things I’ve done. It’s a curse because friendships are a very important part of my life.

I have only found one remedy. Find the people that are most significant in your life. Figure out the closest of your close friends, and make sure never to reach step three, the conclusion of the friendship.

In my life, there are two people I don’t feel like I could live without. They help me through basically every day and I will work hard to never lose them.

The friendships you have provide a source of support in a world that sometimes doesn’t seem very supportive. That makes those relationships some of the most valuable things you have in this life. Cherish them. It’s worth it.


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