Dissapointing Things Your Girlfriend Can Say. #4

[ HEY LISTEN!: This is a blog series designed for guys who are in a relationship or married. Don’t worry, there won’t be anything “mature”, just ironically disappointing things that a girl can say without realizing it. It’s just for fun…]

So… you never want your girlfriend or wife to say
“It was okay.”

Did you enjoy the play? “It was okay.”
Did you have a good time at the Auburn game? “It was okay, even though Auburn can’t win against a high school team this year.”
Did you enjoy playing canasta with my grandparents and me? “It was okay.”
How was the steak? “It was okay, but I think it could have used some ketchup.”

It was okay, huh? Well… girls only have a few different responses to the various circumstances you as a guy can put them in. “It was okay” is probably the worst.

You see, what a girl really means is “I don’t think I’ve ever been so bored. Oh wait, I have. I was that bored the last time I said ‘It was okay.’ ”  It means that you, as a guy, failed to entertain her. This is a sin in the field of relationships, as entertainment is quintessential in order for love, communication, and commitment to persist. Or, you know, NOT. But you feel like it is, as the girl goes on and on about how the servers were “kind of snooty” or “didn’t seem to be having a good day.” You take it as your girl reprimands you for it being “just a little too hot” or complains that she “didn’t dress just perfectly for the event at hand.

All in all, it means your girlfriend or wife didn’t have all that good of a time at all, and it’s all your fault. ALL OF IT! It was merely ‘okay.’

Or, you know, maybe it was just a flopped date. Happens with the best of us. Just don’t tell your girlfriend that.


2 thoughts on “Dissapointing Things Your Girlfriend Can Say. #4

  1. just a side note: another thing you dont want your girlfriend to say is “i’m fine” no we really arent but we dont want to tell you because its probably your fault. and another thing; if you and your girlfriend are arguing and you say something really mean or really low and we respond with “What?” its not that we didnt hear or understand you. its really just us giving you a chance to change what you said. but really…. sometimes something can just be…ok


    • Kat!
      That’s very good information. I was planning on doing “I’m fine” for number 6 or 7. I will be sure to be inspired by the things you said. 🙂
      I appreciate your comment.


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