Get Your Facts Straight #1

We need to talk. I don’t want you looking like a moron when talking to geeks like me. For some reason, almost every geek-culture interest has a common misconception or two. This will make you just a little more knowledgeable when you deal with people that are actually awesome.

– Doctor Who is the name of the show. The Doctor is the name of the main character!

Doctor Who is one of my favorite TV shows, but this is the second biggest sin you can commit in the presence of a Doctor Who fan. The only time the words “Doctor Who” are uttered is as a question. Doctor Who???

– The protagonist in The Legend of Zelda is named Link, not Zelda!

Just because the series is named after someone doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ABOUT that person. Zelda is a princess, but you play as Link (the boy in green) in order to save Zelda. It makes Zelda fans so mad to not figure out something so obvious.

– Not every girl in Smallville is named Lois Lane; Lana Lang has no relation to Lois Lane!

It’s inevitable. Someone walks in to my girlfriend and I watching Smallville, sees Lana, and says “Is that Lois Lane???”
No. It’s not.

– Stop calling every enemy in Star Trek a Klingon.

This is a Klingon. How hard is this?

– Parents, this is for you. Just because your child is playing a video game, does not necessarily mean he/she is “playing PlayStation.”

Surprisingly, there are more video game consoles out there. It’s terrifically insulting to lump all consoles into “PlayStation.”

Got it? Good. I’m going to do more of these in the future, so send me your pet peeves. If it’s good, I’ll put it on the blog.


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