If I Had a Super Power

It’s actually a pretty common question. A childish one, for sure, but definitely a common one. What’s the question?

“If you had a super power, what would it be?”

My answer? Well. Invisibility would be fun. Teleportation would be useful. Super-hearing would be cool and perhaps very tempting. But if I had a super power, it would be the ability to diffuse arguments, weather in person or online, whenever I want to.

Just call me DIFFUSER-MAN!!!

Okay anyway, this would be extremely useful. Think about it!
Annoying Facebook flame war between Christians and Atheists? DIFFUSE!
Irrational fight between boyfriend and girlfriend? DIFFUSE!
Political disagreement on FOX News? DIFFUSE!

Conflict certainly sometimes improves society, but many arguments are irrational at best and idiotic at worst. It is frustrating to watch people argue so much that they forget what is important in the first place.

Don’t be like that. Don’t make DIFFUSER-MAN have to come and knock some sense into you.


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