Silent Lights of the World

I am about to challenge one of your firmly held social beliefs.
“Don’t talk to strangers.”

We human beings are scared to death of talking to people we don’t know. We intentionally avoid putting ourselves into situations that require us to interact with people in which we are unfamiliar. 

Regarding satirical social commentary, I couldn’t phrase it any better than this article from The Onion, a satirical news organization. This will show how stupid our social fears are. Warning: This link is a strong PG. 

My problem is this: as Christians this type of behavior is simply unacceptable. We are drilled in church to go out and be a light in this world. We are taught to be shining examples of Christ in a world where darkness prevails. But when we encounter situations like this in “real life,” even the most popular of us run for the hills. 
(Be sure to hit “READ MORE”)

We need to be talking to people. We need to get to know their stories, their pain. Everyone who isn’t saved, I believe, has a lack of joy somewhere in their life. This is because no amount of temporal things can measure up to the void caused from the lack of an eternal God in their life. We can’t transmit that joy with our mouths taped up. 

Move past social pressures. Satan has put those finely tuned social restrictions into the world for the one reason that is makes if harder to spread God’s love. 

So what about me? In the arbitration that is life, am I guilty or not guilty of succumbing to social pressures and failing to honor God?

Well… yesterday I plead guilty.

I was at the Wetumpka AL Wal-Mart. Well… I managed to lock my keys in my truck. In the adjacent parking lot was a woman, about 50. As soon as I got out of my truck, she said, “Can you help me? I can’t get my car started.” 
I could have responded two ways to honor God.
A. I don’t know anything about cars, but here’s my cell phone. You can call anyone you need.
B. Here, why don’t I go get someone from the auto department to come and help.

But do you know what I said? I said
“Well… I’m sorry, but right now I can’t even help myself. I just locked my keys in my truck.” 
Then I called my mom on my cell phone to come bring me a key and walked away. By the time I realized what I did I ran back out to check on the woman, but she had already managed to start her car and leave… I guess.

I was a jerk. I acted like the world, and unfortunately like most Christians, too. To the woman whom I will never meet again, I am so sorry. I truly am.

This is serious, guys. Be the light of the world. Talk to people.

We can do this…


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