You’re Using it Wrong!

I get so frustrated when people don’t use words in the correct context. Today I am going over a list of words and phrases that frustrate me to no end when used incorrectly.

Relative VS. Relevant

I can’t stand when people say relative when the should be saying relevant!

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“I don’t think this Bible verse is relative to the topic we are discussing.”
NO! It should be:
“I don’t think this Bible verse is RELEVANT to the topic we are discussing.”

Relative indicates a fluctuation from a perceived norm. Relevant means pertaining to a topic. Using relative when you should be saying relevant is almost like saying the opposite of what you mean.


I have heard ALL KINDS of different uses of this word since it itself became a meme. A meme is anything that has become widely incorporated into the public knowledge base. A meme is an element of culture. The pictures you see on Facebook are memes, but they are not the ONLY memes.

Condescending Wonka is a meme.
So is Lois Lane.

Now we need to discuss something. Meme is NOT pronounced me-me. It is pronounced meeem. With a long E!


Just… stop saying this altogether. I’m not trying to rain on your parade, but it’s just no fun anymore. If you do use it… just use it as a shorter version of legitimate. LEGIT DOES NOT MEAN COOL!

Correct: “That is a legit Babe Ruth baseball card.”
Incorect: This party is LEGIT!
That song on the radio is LEGIT!
You’re pretty LEGIT for getting me that MacBook (pffffffft…)!
Man that’s LEGIT!
A 15 killstreak? LEGIT!

Effect VS. Affect

Don’t even get me started! I see this on Facebook all of the time. A person is tiPying lik3 thi1s wwin thay get 2 the WORD affect. It’s frustrating watching somebody misuse it, because they are both very powerful words. To affect means to cause a consequence upon or manipulate, while effect IS the consequence.

That praise song really effected me.
That praise song really affected me.
CORRECT, although the logic of that is in debate.

And finally…
Than VS. Then

When you are comparing, use the word than. Two is better than one. You wouldn’t believe how many people quoted the worst Boys Like Girls song of all time as: “I’m thinking two is better then one.” You use then to refer to time.

Rather than go to the baseball game– only an idiot would refuse a baseball game, just saying — we should go to a movie, then eat at Olive Garden.

Anyway, I know that you could care less couldn’t care less about my ranting about words, so we will file this topic away for later. I am suppose to supposed to do another one of these, anyways anyway.

Got any phrases that YOU can’t stand for people to use incorrectly? Put them in the comments and I just may use them in a future blog!


5 thoughts on “You’re Using it Wrong!

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this cool, legit article. It really effected me more “then” some other articles I’ve read. It was relative to my life. I had an aunt Meme one time. She was so sweet!


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