Why Do People Like Sex Jokes?

This is “The Big One” for this week. By “The Big One”, I mean the blog that I suspect will get the most recognition and controversy this week.

In this blog I pose, and then attempt to answer, two questions.
1. Why do people like sex jokes so much?
2. Is it okay for Christians to think they are funny and to tell them?

Today, while in class, my teacher told a gay sex joke. (Almost) the whole class laughed uproariously. What makes this unique is that my class is generally a tough crowd who almost never laughed at any of the teacher’s jokes. Something about a sex joke broke through their shell.

Dirty jokes are everywhere. They are in music, in commercials, and ESPECIALLY in movies. Most of us tell them to each other without a second thought. I’m not really sure where this wave of sex jokes comes from, but…

I don’t like it.

I get it. They’re witty. GREAT. So are puns and slapstick. But something about a sex joke sticks with you all day long. It’s why you can add “that’s what she said” to almost EVERYTHING and get a funny response.

But frankly, as a Christian, sex jokes are wrong.
(This is where Matt sounds like a jerk. Sorry.)

A sex joke will rattle around in your head and mess you up. “Haha, that’s funny,” you think. Then you automatically think of other connotations of the same joke. Pretty soon, it becomes easy to turn any situation into a sex joke.

Christians, I ask you.
How are you honoring God by laughing at dirty jokes?
How are you being different?
How are you honoring God by TELLING sex jokes?
How are you being different?

You are not. You are not. You are not. You are not.

So… a direct answer. Yes it’s wrong for a Christian to laugh OR tell dirty jokes. That’s just the way it is.

Do not get into the habit of engaging in sex jokes. They are almost as addictive as sex itself.


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