LISTEN! For Crying Out Loud.

We are a generation of HORRIBLE listeners.

Yeah, how is that to start out a blog? Now listen up. I’m mostly talking to people about 25 and under. We have LOST the art of listening. And it’s not just the fact that we are more selfish and self-centered than we’ve ever been.
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No… our biggest problem is our attention span. Maybe I was just born special, but I can’t find anyone who can keep their focus for longer than 5 minutes these days. Case and point:  When is the last time that you listened to an album that was not from one of your favorite bands, or read a book that wasn’t a bestseller that everyone has heard of? Some of you might be the exception, but most of us just can’t pay attention.

Yes, we can go blame cell phones, social media, pop music, and whatever else we want, but it seems to me the biggest thing to blame is ourselves. So, what does this have to do with listening?

We do the same thing with listening to others. Gone are the ages of undivided, lengthy conversations about life and problems. Gone are face to face discussions about spiritual issues and thoughtful ideas. We would rather text 160 characters or less of incomprehensible text. We’d rather have our earphones it, and shut out the world. We simply live in out own world, and only let in what makes us feel just a little bit better. It’s like we crave being social, but are unwilling to strive for genuine relationships. And then there’s me… the “old fashioned” guy who actually enjoys talking. Genuine communication. The genuine discussion of feelings and ideas.

We have got to do something about this, guys. I love our technology, but I hate what we’ve done with it. We are drowning in a sea of incoherence, and we are getting more stupid by simply not listening to each other.

One of the most powerful songs I’ve ever listened too is “Headphones” by Jars of Clay. Give it a listen, if you can.

I beg you. Be the exception. Make real friends. Listen to people.

We can do this…


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