Dissapointing Things Your Girlfriend Can Say. #3

[ HEY LISTEN!: This is a blog series designed for guys who are in a relationship or married. Don’t worry, there won’t be anything “mature”, just ironically disappointing things that a girl can say without realizing it. It’s just for fun…]

The stage is set. You are out on a date with your special someone, and you pose the question. “Is there anything in particular you want to do?”

You never want your girlfriend or wife to respond…
“You can decide. Anything is fine.”

Well guys, you are in a pickle now, aren’t you? It doesn’t take long to realize that this phrase is simply the most untrue thing a girl can say. This is a girls way of actually saying…
“Hey! I don’t actually know what I want to do, I just know what I don’t want to do. And if you suggest doing something I don’t want to do, I will make it known.”

You never want to hear this while out and about with her. These dreaded words have so many implications. In essence, guys, this is an exam. This is a test of not only your relationship with your girlfriend, but also your resourcefulness. And if you fail at coming up with something both interesting and fun to do for both you and your girlfriend… wait for it… you fail as a boyfriend. There will be drama and tension and doubt and confusion and disappointment and…

“You know what! Maybe you should just take me home now!” your girlfriend says.


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