Hurricane Issac

Storms have always scared me. Well… not always, but for the past few years, their power and magnitude have been more than cause for alarm. I know I’m going to die someday, but some part of me simply doesn’t want to die at the hands of a storm.

I suppose part of the reason I fear storms spawn from the April 27, 2011 tornado outbreak that affected almost all of Alabama. Four people died from my small town of Eclectic AL. That’s 1/100th of the town’s population… just saying. But the deaths in Alabama were nothing compared to the deaths of Hurricane Katrina seven years ago.

So… it’s with considerable dismay that I watch Hurricane Issac prepare to affect the lives of thousands of people in a very similar manner to Katrina. The storm isn’t projected to be nearly as bad, but that’s not saying much considering Katrina is the costliest storm in American history. Note that it wasn’t the deadliest. Reading what happened to the citizens of Lake Okeechobee FL and Galveston TX alarms me even more!

In short… storms scare me. I often wonder why God chooses to demonstrate his power in this manner. Hurricanes and tornadoes are a sight to behold, but is it really so awesome at the expense of thousands of lives? I cannot make this judgement. God is responsible for those lives.

To those of you who have and are about to lose loved ones because of Hurricane Issac, I am praying for you. I am praying that maybe God’s power will be reflected through this storm… or something. You see, I don’t really know what to pray for. My safety? Your safety?  Yeah… I’ll go with that. I am praying for our safety as we witness one of the most powerful things nature can throw at us.

Try not to be as scared as I am…


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