I Enjoy Writing…

I truly do. There is nothing like it. I know it might be a simple concept blog, but I think writing is very underrated.

I have come to the conclusion that writing is as close to true, genuine creation that God allows in life. You have a pen/pencil/typewriter/computer, and you have to power to craft any art your human mind can conceive. You can create worlds, you can discuss issues, and you can form words in such a way that other mediums simply do not allow. Yep, I really like writing.

I think the the reason it seems like such a drudgery to many people is mostly because of how they routinely use it. They write to pass tests, or to instruct others, or to write checks, or to enter data, or to remind people, or to update Facebook. Writing is VERY VERY routine in this life. Try to go a waking hour without writing something on paper, on a computer, on a phone, or anywhere else. I bet you can’t do it easily.

Try to slow down and write something for the sake of writing. You could:
– Write that letter to your bf/gf you’ve been putting off.
– Journal the good and bad things that happened today.
– Talk to God on paper.
– Make a story.
– BLOG! 

I really enjoy writing. 


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