Desire VS. Discontentment

Warning! I don’t have the answer to the question I am about to propose in big bold letters in this article. The best case scenario is that we start a nice long debate in the comments, and the worse case scenario is that… well… nobody cares what I’m saying in this article. I suppose that’s the worse case with any blog post, though, so here goes.

As a Christian, where is the balance between desiring a better life, and simply being content with what we have?

Because… well… I have absolutely no idea. And I’m not trying to sound like some of those stupid really smart pastors who SAY they don’t know the answer and then preach a 40 minute sermon on why they DO know.

I am an extremely joyful person. The world around me bursts with life. It explodes with colors and those colors reflect my heart. I love my life, and I can’t help but show that joy to others. I have problems, but God has been OH SO gracious to me. But I still want a great life for me and my future family.

I’m working to pay for college, and I’m going to college to provide for me and my future amazing family one day. I want to be a successful writer as well. These are my dreams; these are the things I want to accomplish with God’s help. And yes, I do want to have plenty. I’m sick of being chained to the bank account I seem to carry with me wherever I go.

I don’t crave money. I just crave the fullest life God can give me. My desire is to serve God in this life, and also to enjoy the life he’s given me. What I have learned is that to love my life, I don’t have to sin. No, not at all. Being in relationship with God means I have abundant life every day I wake up. I can’t explain how wonderful He makes me feel.

But I still need money to live. I am chained to it. Is it wrong to want the money I need to live? Is it wrong to want more than that? Yes? No? Maybe?


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