Why I Love The Hunger Games

I may never be more proud of my generation that I am right now, at least as far as incredibly popular phenomenons are concerned. After the Twilight debacle, you guys went out and LOVED something incredible. That incredible thing? THE HUNGER GAMES.


It’s easy to see why some people are against The Hunger Games. I mean, on paper, I’d be against it too. The idea of kids forced to kill each other in brutal combat, all for the entertaining spectacle of the entire world sounds pretty gruesome. So much more so if you are a parent. Even more so if you have lost a child. But there is so much more to it than that.
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The Hunger Games is a rebellion from something that is not currently happening, but is still extremely relevant. It’s a rebellion from the idea of government becoming so powerful that it controls the lives of people to a point where the VALUE of a life is worth less than the value of power. It is rebellion against evil. I can stand for a rebellion against evil.

What’s so incredible is that the world has embraced such a heavy-handed and uncomfortable concept. It’s things like this, in an evermore confusing political climate, that makes me think that us as Americans really have a chance to continue being something special. It’s like with this book (and movie) series, we have realized that awful government, responsible for the murder of millions of lives, has happened before and will happen again.

This book series dares to take a stand for something other than romance. Not only does it take a stand, but it does it in a very gutsy and uncomfortable way. There’s nothing entertaining about kids getting slaughtered… but isn’t that the point? This restores some of my faith in the phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword.” It is books like this that can inspire people for good. And it’s people, with God’s help, that can change the world!

We can do this…


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