How Do You Sum Up A Personality?

Certain situations in my life made me think up a question. Where did we really get all of these diverse personalities from? I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation, but I want you to consider the following statement…

Personality is the manner in which we as humans cope with the tough times in our lives.
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Think about it. We as humans are by default subjected to tough situations in our lives. There is not one person who has never gone through a tough time. True, God puts some people through tougher times than others, but regardless, as long as we are humans, we all go through trials.

This leads me to personality. I think that we adapt the best personality we can in order to persevere through the tough times. The most obvious example is the people who are hard and cold. The things in their life have caused them to try to close themselves off from the world by interacting with it as little as possible. But how does that explain the people who have suffered just as much, but are as nice as can be. I think that being nice is a way of coping with a person’s difficult surroundings just the same. The kind person is adapting just like the colder person. Each is trying to find something to help escape the hardships.

My vote is, of course, to try to keep your personality throughout all of the hard times. Continue to be yourself, if at all possible, through the good times and the bad. Don’t allow yourself to grow cold and antisocial. Life may stink a lot of the time, but it is still worth living and enjoying. Loss will occur, pain will come into your life, and tragedy will strike. Breakups, death, financial difficulties, medical problems, and martial issues will happen. The pain is not easy, but the pain is even worse if you don’t allow yourself to be yourself through it all.


2 thoughts on “How Do You Sum Up A Personality?

  1. Agreed. … But..
    Some people though choose to maintain an optimistic outlook because it is what they feel like they are supposed to.
    I will use myself as an example.. I haven’t had a horrible life, but it wasn’t exactly peaches and cream with divorced parents… I keep a positive outlook when things suck and I don’t outwardly show frustration because James 1:2 and the verses around it encourage you to count everything joy. Because it perfects your faith. I make this effort because I feel like it is asked of me..
    Does this mean I don’t get upset?? No. I get upset (VERY upset at times), but I handle it in a better way. I am not being myself though because I am denying myself and trying to be like Christ; by not becoming angry or bitter about a situation and just accepting it, dealing with it, praying about it, and finding the good that could possibly come out of it. Our experiences shape us, but our reactions shape our personalities, and our walk with Christ changes our personality. Every cloud has a silver lining..

    I wasn’t trying make my response religious, but as a Christian that is how I see it. I am sure you understand. (:

    P.S.-This is one of my favorite posts!


    • I very much understand. THIS is one of my favorite comments!

      You are very right that we are commanded to be joyful. The difference between a Christian and most other people IS our joy. Everybody’s life “sucks” to an extent. It’s what we do with those problems that make all of the difference. 🙂 I appreciate your heartfelt honesty, by the way.


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