Always Ask Why

It could be the world’s most important question.

Why am I writing this blog?
Why is this person so kind, while this person is such a jerk?
Why do I struggle giving in to this particular sin or problem?
Why can’t people just get along?
Why can’t I get this job I want?
Why is this Chick-Fil-A crap such a big deal?
Why can’t I figure this math problem out?
Why? Why? Why?

You can never go wrong with asking the question “Why?” Why? Because if you figure it out, you can solve a lot of problems.

Why does this person frustrate me so much?
Is it me? Is there a quality I don’t like in me that I see in him/her?
Is it them? Do they have something going on in there life that they take out on me?
Is it both? Why?

Almost every single one of my blogs seek to answer the question of why something is happening. There’s a (compound) word for that: common sense. Don’t ever take something at face value. If you do, you may find yourself being fooled by almost everything.





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