#2- Television

What!?! You scream in disbelief. TV? TV isn’t dying, you Goron!
To which I say… yes it is.

Think about it. You can watch YouTube virtually ad free–

YouTube is truly ad free with AdBlock. But don’t do it. Ads are there for a reason. Ads exist to be clicked on. And when you don’t watch or click on ads, you rob businesses from their recognition and creative people from there money. Just saying. [FUTURE TOPIC: Ads and AdBlock]

— as well as internet videos. Netflix is practically stealing prime time viewers, and America in general is becoming more and more aware of the so-called “idiot box” that melts away people’s brains… and so on and so fourth.

The only thing that seems to be keeping TV afloat for this long is satellite and DVRs. Who wants to watch 40 minutes of material stretched into an hour by 20 minutes of commercials? Not I.

I imagine the first thing that will happen is a mass death of “cable networks.” Then the major broadcasting networks will either die or transition to internet media. Regardless, I don’t think TV will last another 30 years.


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