#3 — CDs (Or perhaps more accurately, albums in general)

Saturday’s post will encapsulate the idea of a great album. Today will encapsulate why music LP’s and albums in general are truly underrated. And I can do it in one phrase: A.D.D.

As a generation, our attention span has the attention span of a goldfish. Except… that’s not even true, as goldfish have a memory of 3 months, not 3 minutes.
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So… what does this have to do with CD’s? CD’s are albums, which could range anywhere from 30 to 72 minutes. We can’t handle that. NO. We’d rather listen to pop songs coming at you a mile a minute, and then download them (off of LimeWire no less) to our iPods where we can listen to the for the 100th time this month.

* “BUT MATT! YOU’RE NO FUN! UR SUCH A PARTY-POOPER. WE JUST WANT TO TURN OFF OUR BRAINS AND HAVE FUN,” you say while spamming the caps-lock key and without the need for proper spelling.

Music can carry to much intellectual and emotional weight. But it can’t do it in 2 and a half minutes of repetitive and catchy choruses. You keep the melody but take away the beauty of music by doing this. Music is wonderful and glorious in it’s full form, and it’s a shame that as the technological and intellectual ability to create masterful collisions of lyrics, music, and emotions increased, we op for one-off shows of repetition.

It seems like Christian worship music is taking the same exact path. Gone are the days of expertly crafted lyrics of the glory and majesty of God, filled with fully formed thought of worship. Instead, we’d just rather sing a song that repeats the word “majesty” and “glory” until we’re blue in the face. AND THEN WE GET MAD IF PEOPLE ACT BORED!

I got a little into it there, didn’t I? Look, I know it’s just music. But music is an art like paintings, film, novels, dance, and video games… and this blog too. Music has power over feelings and decisions. I just want that power to be used for good.



2 thoughts on “TOP FIVE [DYING FORMS OF MEDIA] — #3

    • Hey Adam! I know what you mean. People STILL make music, people just don’t make pop “music” anymore. I vote we change the word from music to noise.


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