I know that magazines are still quite alive in today’s culture. You can walk into any Books-A-Million and notice the entire back wall blanketed with layers of magazines. Regardless, the great internet Goliath is coming for magazines too.

foresee magazines either moving to internet subscription-based affairs of dying off completely within the next fifty years. The reason being that magazines have literally nothing to offer that the internet can’t do. Images, text, and layouts can all be achieved on the World Wide Web. What’s more, the internet can offer discussion, audio, and video. Magazines are still slightly more convenient, but not for long. Smartphones and e-readers are soon to take away that advantage.
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Think about it like this…
Home/Garden/Construction Magazines < Internet
Electronics Magazines < Internet (duh)
Science/News/Current affairs < Internet
“Adult” themed magazines* < Internet
*Please note that the owner of A Link to the Matt, Matt, would never ever ever support adult magazines. He was just making a point.

Where does that leave magazines to crawl to? The internet.



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