The Hardest Part of Writing? Coming Up with Titles.

I’ve often had people tell me “I must feel inspired to write.” To me, this doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. Granted, I understand what these people mean, I’m just saying the concept doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Writing is never supposed to be easy. Every time you set pen to paper (or in our generation, finger to keyboard) you are facing a battle between your thoughts and their conversion to physical form. This process we human beings like to call writing. This “inspiration,” in my opinion, is merely the battle at its easiest point. It explains why you can write like never before, be interrupted, then sit back down to the same thing and simply lose all sense of direction. This “writer’s block” must be overcome in the only way possible: fighting. This romanticized notion of waiting for inspiration just isn’t going to cut it. Writing is a job, or a sport. Either way it requires hard work in order to be accomplished effectively. Do not wait for inspiration to come to you. Instead, battle the difficulty. If J.K. Rowling, George Orwell, or C.S. Lewis merely waited for inspiration to come to them, they would have been waiting a long time. Instead, go out there and find it yourself!


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