And now for Number 3…

“Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel


 Teaching yourself not to feel is difficult, but it’s sometimes easier than the alternative: facing the tough events that occur in your life. The issue with blocking out emotions and teaching yourself not to feel is that you simply cannot do it forever. Eventually you must move on with life, no matter if you’ve suffered death of a close one, abuse, or any other tragedy. At that point, all the emotions of pain collapse in on yourself and you end up facing them all at once. This is very damaging.

Instead, take those painful emotions, and be courageous enough to learn from them. Life is only worth living if you’re living. Don’t let yourself become desensitized from the emotions of life.

Matter cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed. Emotions are the same way. Never change pain to numbness. Instead change pain, in time, to joy.


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