**Guest Writer** Heather Bass

It’s always nice to have people who want to contribute to your blog. Introducing Guest Writers! This is where people besides me write articles for my blog. It’s also where I can show off other people’s exceptional work!

I could never be a poet, but some people just have a knack for it. Heather Bass is one of those people. She has an excellent ability to put rhymes together in an almost musical sense. Take a look at her new poem.

Life is a journey 
Many times overwhelming and concerning 
Which direction to go
Who to keep and who to let go
You’ll find the one that brings a smile
Even when you’re caught in troubles for miles
One that treats you like a delicate flower
And when they encourage you you’re filled with endless power
They tell you to go for your dreams
And watch out for life’s skims
To follow your heart 
And in life choose the right theme
One that you can sing and dance to with no question
And when you meet people you’ll make a lasting impression
You’ll be able to always be you
Then you’ll see your in love and wonder who knew

The poem reminds me to persevere through life’s difficult times, and hold on to the people you love.


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