TOP FIVE [Distractions from God] — #1

Sorry for this blog having absolutely ZERO jokes. It’s too serious of a deal to really joke about.


You read correctly. The number one distraction from God on my list is none other than the places that supposedly represent God the most. Please note that this doesn’t necessarily apply to ALL churches, but many churches are so wrapped up in politics, traditions, and pointless theological debates –not the least of which is Calvinism, which seems to be rearing it’s ugly head lately for some reason—that they completely forget the God they claim to love in the first place.

This leads to a ripple effect. The components of the church, the people, begin to think that the way to serve God IS to be a part of the complicated political agenda of most churches. Preachers will lambast those that don’t serve in growing what is nothing more than a business. They will use Scripture to “prove” how people should be donating large amounts of money to a corrupt cause.

In some churches, you may well have better luck looking for God in a bar instead. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!  People who think they are serving God are dying and going to Hell because of selfish motives of so-called church leaders.

My love for my God is not based on church practices. It is a relationship with Him. I talk to Him and pray to Him. I read His word, and I serve Him with my life. I love my God with my whole heart. This is not conceit or arrogance. I mess up all the time. I sin all the time. I am a creature of sin, only saved by the grace and redemption of Jesus Christ.

But I am only one person. There is no excuse for a church to be caught up in the collective sin of greed, power, and pride to this extent. Each church that exists like this only weakens the body of Christ.

This topic may be expanded upon in the future. See you on Saturday for a full length blog, probably less harsh, of course.



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