TOP FIVE [Distractions from God] — #3

#3 — Location

What I want to know is why I can do schoolwork and write blogs in the noisiest locations you can think of. Buses, restaurants, doctor’s offices- these are all fine if I’m just doing stuff. But set a Bible in front of me and I’m like, “Could you keep it down, I’m trying to talk to and read about my creator you goron!”

There are two reasons to NOT constantly study the Bible just anywhere.

1. You don’t want to come across as an over-religious freak.
2. Even if you did, you couldn’t, because you’d be too distracted.

I have the longest attention span of anyone I know, and even I wonder what my friends are doing at any given time (see tomorrow’s blog). And if there’s no friends around, Satan almost always has someone or something to divert my attention from God.

Case and point, study the Bible and talk to God in private unless you are at church or with friends just for the purpose of studying the Bible. Nobody is impressed with you acting like you are SO FIXATED on the big Bible you’re reading in the middle of science. More than likely, you’re just doing it for show.




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